Thursday, April 16, 2009

a new (to me) techno thing

Since I'm going on vacation next week. (Whoo hoo! Whoopie! Yay! Hot dog! YESSSSS! Where was I??? Oh yeah, technology)...anyway, I thought I'd get a jump on week three of the 27 Things.
We're supposed to create a post about a techno-thing that interests us this week. Well, I'm still impressed with something that Chris Freeman showed me the other week and that's qr codes. You can sign up and use the site to create an image that represents a url for any site you want. You download the reader to your phone and use the phone like a camera to view the code and it takes you right to the site. Museums in Japan are posting the codes by their pieces for folks to access additional information about the exhibits. Now, how can we use this for summer reading.....


  1. hey, are you excited about going on vacation? :) he showed me those qr codes, too. they are cool and they sway me further onto the side of getting a new cell phone.

  2. OK! We need to get our QR code plan going. I'll take it to the PS/IT group pronto!